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Thesis Advisory

Comprehensive advice to finish your undergraduate or graduate thesis.

Finishing your degree or specialty requires a huge investment of time, especially with regard to the design of the introduction, theoretical framework, discussion and conclusions of your work. There are many academics, researchers and managers who have understood that their time is not enough to perform as professionals and enrich their thesis with references or with a substantial theoretical framework. This is why Journal Revisions provides personalized services to finish your thesis and deliver it in limited time.

Finish your custom thesis

No matter what state it is in or its degree of progress, we can help you finish it. This service is totally tailor-made, and after a meeting (face-to-face or virtual) with our team, we prepare a tailor-made work proposal with limited dates and specific objectives. It is the most efficient way to finalize and present your thesis within the required deadlines.

Enrich your references

In many specialties, the theoretical framework represents 50% of the thesis. This is why its strength is key for the approval and development of subsequent experimentation or foundation. Our team of editors can select and implement the number of references you want, so that in this way your theoretical framework is original, without plagiarism or similarities, and with enough strength for a maximum note.

Convert your thesis into one or more scientific articles

If you have already finished your thesis, surely you want it to be published in a high impact Journal. Do you know that up to 5 scientific articles can come out of a thesis? Our team of editors can evaluate (free of charge) your thesis, and together with the Editorial Analysis service, we can turn your research into a high-impact scientific publication.

In a period of approximately 90 days, we can convert a thesis into an article under review in a high impact journal .

Request their services by sending your article through the following form