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Our origin

A professional culture

Our company was born more than a decade ago, when Ian Scott arrived in Chile in order to develop professionally in our country. The initiative begins with the native translation service for scientific researchers, who required to submit their research to strict language reviews in order to achieve the longed-for publication. In this process, Ian Scott witnessed how dozens of researchers made mistakes that were simple to address, but which profoundly impaired the potential of the publication.

Given this, in addition to providing the translation service, it began to provide a tool called “Editorial Analysis”, where it delivered a series of recommendations and comments to improve the presentation and coding of the manuscript, increasing its possibility of being published.

Along this path, the team has grown considerably.

North American editors, translators, and reviewers have joined the team and helped publish more than 3,000 manuscripts in recent years. We have given more than 90 seminars practically throughout Chile, and during 2017, universities in Peru and Ecuador have joined our client portfolio.

I am Scott Kinney

«More and better high-impact publications for Chilean researchers

Work team

Scientific publications, bibliometrics, thesis consultancies


Lingüista de la Washington Central University

I am Scott Kinney

I founded Journal Revisions with the conviction that research and researchers need to understand the digital mechanisms behind scholarly publications. What motivates my work is to take an investigation and make it visible in the digital space. I am convinced that, for an individual researcher, the possibilities of publishing and understanding the new metrics mean academic mobility and scientific democratization. Science is about doing better, kaizen – continuous improvement, and I hope to contribute to this improvement through our work with academics and their research.

Gerente de Negocios

Ingeniero Comercial

Marcos Guzman Delgado

After 10 years dedicated to the technology industry, I am convinced that the democratization of knowledge is deeply linked to the role that digital positioning plays in the scientific production process.

My work as Business Manager in Chile is to have an optimal link with the different institutions of this country, bringing the ability of Journal Revisions to each researcher with the clear objective of creating more and better scientific publications in high impact journals.

Each member of our team is a specialist in their field. Together, we make sure you’re investing where the best returns are, while building loyalty across all touchpoints.

Scientific publications, papers

Asistente Comercial

Zurisadai Peralta

Editora Científica

Carmen Franco
Scientific research, publications

Editora Científica

Leah shoup
Scientific publications, papers, language service, scientific editor

Editora Científica

Nicolette Miller