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Journal Revisions Services

Get to know our wide range of services related to scientific publications, editorial advice and advice on undergraduate and postgraduate thesis.

Editorial Analysis

Without a doubt, Editorial Analysis is our main service. It is a comprehensive consultancy to streamline the publication of scientific articles, which includes personalized support with more than 10 additional subservices, in order to increase the potential for publication. In real terms, you can have your scientific article highly optimized and improved with international standards, in the process of publication in a period of approximately 30 days.

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Seminar, thesis, scientific publications

Editorial services

There is a significant number of rejections due to non-compliance with the
guidelinesof the chosen Journal. A thorough review of a number of elements is necessary to avoid rejections and delays in the submission process.

In Journal Revisions you will find extensive coverage in editorial services, formatting, style and translations.

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Thesis Advisory

Many graduate (and even undergraduate) theses have high potential for publication. However, the procedure of reduction and conversion to a scientific article is not easy at all.

This is why our team can generate a thesis reduction proposal in one or more articles, depending on the content and potential. In the first stage, we deliver a
draft from the article. In the second stage, we submit it to Editorial Analysis to encourage it to be published. In the third stage, we finalize the submission and eventual publication.

EIn an approximate period of 90 days, we can convert a thesis into an article under review in a high-impact journal.

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Project Advisory

If you have little time to prepare your research project, we can help you: We strengthen the theoretical foundation and guide you to make it more attractive and executable.

Since $300 USD

Request their services by submitting your article through the extended form

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