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If you have a manuscript that you have not managed to finish or that has been rejected on several occasions, this service is the right one for you. It is a Full Support Consultancy in charge of an English-speaking scientific editor, who will be in charge of guiding you in the improvement, choice and submission of the article to the best scientific journals in the world. In addition to a detailed scientific-editorial report, this service includes the approach and choice of scientific journals, writing style preparation, formatting, language review, and post-peer-review corrections.

SWe are the only company in Chile that provides an international and personalized scientific editor to advise you in the process of improving and publishing your article. Below we graph our services in general terms.

  • 1

    Digital encoding

    At this stage, we recommend modifications and avoid the famous “desktop rejection”.

  • 2

    Keywords Analysis

    The manuscript will be coded, distributed and located through the keywords.

  • 3

    Text Optimization

    We recommend shortening or expanding sections of the manuscript, especially with regard to the Theoretical Framework

  • 4

    Relevance, Novelty and Contribution

    The author must emphasize these three elements at all times.

  • 5

    Optimization and Bibliographic Recommendation

    This is key to generating sufficient interest in the journal.

  • 6

    Journal Recommendation

    We recommend a shortlist of high IF journals to publish.

  • 7

    Presubmission Inquiries

    This allows us to know in the short term if the main editor of these journals is interested in the submission.

  • 8

    Methodological evaluation in quantitative studies

    Recommendations are provided on the methodology and its application.

  • 9

    Final Article Preparation

    Language Review / Translation / Formatting.

  • 10

    Post peer review response

    Practical Guide for Implementing Changes and Responding to Reviewers

$1.000 USD

(Subject to prior evaluation)

Request their services by submitting your article through the extended form

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