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Boost the result of the publication.

In addition to our personalized scientific advice, Our team provides traditional editorial services, but very necessary for the publication processes. We have seen dozens of articles rejected for insufficient English, wrong writing style, or incomplete formatting. This is why we have a team of experts available to avoid these rejections. Additionally, in the case of translations and language reviews, Journal Revisions issues a letter to the reviewers, certifying the excellence of our services .


It is not the same to translate a contract, a book, a journalistic note or a comic strip than to translate a scientific article. Reviewers of high-impact journals are deeply thorough to check the writing and certify that the style does not respond to a Latin writing, but to a native English. That is why we have at our disposal a team of expert English translators in bibliometrics of the highest level, who will translate your scientific article into English with style and native form. 

Value: $ 0.12 USD per word

Language Review

The vast majority of Latin American researchers have a broad command of the English language, although very few of them reach the native style of a North American or British. This is why as a company we help to improve the article, editing the writing in English. In this process, we not only correct grammar and spelling, but also the writing style so that the article is tested against the most demanding reviewers.

Value: $ 400 USD p / item

(Max 8.000 words)

Format and style.

It is not always easy to implement the requirements of the Journals in terms of format. This is why our team will prepare your article in a short time to meet the requirements, suggesting extension changes.
 and implementing the necessary sections as indicated by the chosen journal. In this way, and in conjunction with the correct language, we make sure that the article will pass this filter where many of them are rejected.

Value: $ 250 USD
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